Surveys and visits at Kolding Hospital showed us several problems regarding a secure and comfortable fixation of PVC (often called IV, Venflon or Kanyle) on the arm or hand of a patient. The use of tape, stocking or bandage leaves it either too loose or too time-consuming to observe for infections. There is no common system for observation registration, and the replacing of PVC every third day is often forgotten.

Our new product suggestion fits steadily and comfortably on the hand/arm and covers uncomfortable hard parts of the tube, often being dragged out by accident. It is easy to check for infections and our coffee cup-inspired hemispheres is simply pushed down to register the day the PVC is set and if it is checked daily.

Collaboration with student Nanna Åkjær Sørensen, Duration: 8 weeks, The Kolding School of Design, Denmark 2014